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Application of OSB

Publish:2020-09-16 09:09:22  hits:439  

Oriented particleboard is a new type of particleboard, which is made of strip flakes on the surface and fine Particleboard in the core layer. The surface particleboard is longitudinally parallel to the board and glued.
The shape of the particleboard requires a large aspect ratio, and its thickness is slightly thicker than that of the ordinary particleboard. There are mechanical orientation and electrostatic orientation. Mechanical orientation is suitable for large particle oriented pavement, and electrostatic orientation is suitable for fine particle oriented pavement. Due to the high strength of oriented Particleboard in a certain direction, the directional surface particleboard and the oriented core particleboard can be vertically staggered according to the composition principle of plywood to form three-layer or even five layer oriented particleboard. Plywood is often used to replace plywood in structure.
Performance of OSB: it has high bending strength, low glue consumption, moderate price, wide source of raw materials, and can replace plywood in many properties.

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