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How to judge the water absorption capacity of OSB board

Publish:2020-10-30 16:10:57  hits:236  

In the whole process of OSB board manufacturing, in the process after all the production processes, the OSB board is relatively inspected, one of which is to check the water absorption capacity. OSB board was originally called the fixed item board, later it was called OSB board and OSB board. OSB board has great water absorption, but with such characteristics, it can digest and absorb a lot of water, and the quality of OSB board furniture is also subject to certain harm and application. < / P > < p > in the whole process of selling OSB plate by wholesale manufacturers of OSB plate, we found that many people have a misconception that the stronger the water absorption capacity, the better. In fact, this is not the case. OSB board wholesalers who have many years of operation experience said that the strong water absorption capacity is harmful to the application quality of OSB board. With the gradual extension of the application time of OSB board, the wood of OSB board with water absorption capacity is getting worse and worse, and its service life is reduced. In fact, in daily life, choosing OSB board with high cost performance to customize furniture will have longer service life and actual effect. The relative density of OSB board furniture is slightly higher than that of traditional wood furniture. Therefore, when choosing furniture at ordinary times, if it does not harm the normal application of furniture, you can choose furniture with simple appearance design and few materials. Similarly, if you want to choose OSB board wholesale manufacturers, you can choose furniture and plastic furniture with design style characteristics.
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