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Influence factors of thickness of Pinus plate

Publish:2020-10-30 16:10:57  hits:262  

The thickness of euroson plate is affected by many factors. It is necessary to understand the causes of uneven slab thickness and other problems, so as to ensure its better use effect. The following is a detailed introduction to the European pine board manufacturers. In the case of uneven slab thickness in the production and application of euroson board, it needs to be adjusted immediately. Generally, the baffle plate of the molding machine is fixed, and the baffle has friction with the slurry, the slurry speed on both sides is lower than that in the middle, the fiber settlement on both sides is more than that in the middle, and the two sides of the slab are thick and the middle is thin. The position of the high position trough of the slab is high, the head of the slurry flowing into the front box is small, and the velocity of the middle part of the bell mouth is high. In the production process of europine plate, although stirred by weir plate and mesh front box agitator, the flow rate of slurry in the middle is still greater than the excessive speed on both sides. The corresponding solutions can be found to restore good flatness of the blank and maintain good appearance and performance.
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